Correfoc: devils dancing on the streets of Villajoyosa

The Correfoc is an explosion of noise and fire on the street, a cacaphony of shrieking whistles, rhythmic drumming and fireworks. Groups dress up in red devil costumes, complete with horned headgear and pitchforks. They dance and caper madly, showering onlookers with sparks; it’s enough to give a health and safety guy heart failure.

Correfocs (best translated as “fire runs”) are most typical of Cataluña; the idea is that they symbolise the eternal battle between Good and Evil. 

Correfocs are less common further south in Alicante province, but Villajoyosa staged its own version as part of the 2017 “Dia de la Comunidad Valenciana” (Valencia Day), featuring ‘Colla de Dimonis La Ceba‘ from Alicante.

Take in a few noisy highlights in the video below:

© Guy Pelham 2017

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