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Amazing clifftop views from El Morro de Toix

The Morro de Toix is a majestic headland jutting out into the Mediterranean, midway between Altea and Calpe on the Costa Blanca. Head for the mirador on the 200 metre high clifftop for some gorgeous views up and down the coast.

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Stunning views over Calpe across to the Peñon d’Ifach. El Morro translates roughly as ‘snout’ in English, quite an imaginative way of describing this chunky, snub-nosed peninsula.

To your left – up the coast – you see the immense rocky slab of the Peñon d’Ifach, a Rock of Gibraltar look-alike, which completely dominates the bay of Calpe. Check out my post on how to climb it here.

Look the other way, to the south, and you get a magnificent view across the bay of Altea to the huge bulk of the Sierra Helada peninsula.

Across the bay of Altea to the Sierra Helada and the towers of Benidorm

Getting to El Morro de Toix is easy by car. No need for a long walk up in the heat, unless you’re feeling energetic and you fancy the climb.

Take the right turn off the main N332 coast road just north of the Tuneles de Mascarat, signposted Partida Maryvilla.

Then follow the signs for the Monte Toix mirador (viewpoint) up the zig-zag of roads which snake up the mountainside, past endless lines of villas, until you can’t get any higher.

Park up where you see a chain barring your way here (it can get rather crowded here in summer).

This is as far as you can go by car – it’s a few minutes stroll uphill to the Morro de Toix mirador

Walk up to the mirador

Head up the steepish slope right in front of you until you get to the mirador, 200m above the sea. You may be breathing a little heavily by the time you get there, but the views are definitely worth it.

Keep going around the point and take in the panorama across the bay of Altea, with the towers of Benidorm visible in the distance.

To get to the very top, turn sharp right when you get to the next info board and head for the punto geodesico – a concrete and metal post which marks the summit. The last few metres are bit of a scramble.

The spectacular view from the punto geodesico that marks the summit of el Morro de Toix

Once you’ve reached the summit, walk along the headland towards the antenna towers in the distance, to catch the wind in your face and some vertiginous views over Pueblo Mascarat.

Walk along the southern edge of the peninsula towards the antenna towers overlooking Pueblo Mascarat
Looking southwards towards the Sierra Helada
Looking down on Pueblo Mascarat far below

El Morro de Toix in springtime

Try heading up here in spring. The landscape is covered with lavender bushes, euphorbia, asphodel, bermuda buttercups and plenty more plants that were new to me. Wild thyme and rosemary grow up here. And there are succulents in the cracks and fissures of the limestone rocks, where they get just enough soil and shelter to flourish in the harsh landscape of the clifftop.

It’s a completely different look to the parched landscape of summer. The sea views are just as spectacular though!

Take a look at some of the plants we saw in March – click through the three galleries below.

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